About Me

    Hey there! My name is Taylar, and I live in the New England, Connecticut to be exact, on a 1/2 acre or so in a nice suburban town. But I’ve always longed for acres of land, huge gardens and barnyard animals afoot. Until then, I’m determined to do the best I can with what I have, to implement as many old-fashioned and self sufficient skills as is possible. I think that in today’s modern world, we’ve lost touch with our roots, with the traditions that generations before us adopted to live fulfilling and driven lives, based on a hard working ethic to make do or do without.

    I’m determined to bring that back into my own life, like so many others. I believe in living more attuned to the natural world, to taking care of my body and the world around me by using practices that nurture mind, body, and soul. I believe in reconnecting. I hope you’ll follow along and join in, and I hope we get to share this journey with one another! I look forward to connecting with and learning from each other.