Making Changes

August 4, 2016

Ya’ll, maybe you’ve been wondering why I haven’t posted lately.

I don’t have a large following, but I know a few people that do read my blog (THANK you, by the way. That’s amazing to me, and I am full of gratitude for it). The truth is, I write because I love to. And I can’t write when I don’t love the subject. I’m sure this is a little confusing — I must love homesteading, right? Why would I start a blog about something I don’t love?

The truth is, I DO love homesteading. Truly. I can’t begin to express how passionately it pulls to my soul. The hard work and rewards that come from it just give me the most amazing buzz.

But the truth is, I love a lot of other things, and I’d like to write about those, too. These things wouldn’t fall under the “homesteading” tab, though.

And so I’ve circled back to the reason I haven’t been posting. Lately, my homesteading well has run a little dry. I haven’t done nearly as much as I would like, haven’t accomplished any of my goals, and my inspiration levels? Forget about it. Non-existent.

This is something I’ve been silently struggling with for months. Yes, I’m one of those types. It’s very hard for me to talk about the things I’m having a hard time with. Believe it or not, I’m pretty introverted. I have a hard time opening up, period. That happened to be one of my biggest reasons for starting this blog. I want to work on the things that are hard for me to do–because I truly believe the only way to change yourself is to push yourself out of your comfort zone and into all those things we’re always a little too scared to do.

And ya’ll, I have done this more times than I can count this year. For that, I am damn proud of myself.

When I started this blog, I struggled with the name. I struggled with opening up enough to stamp my name on it. And then I gently reminded myself that I had to, because these are the things I love. I am not ashamed of them, and so they deserve my name.

Okay, I know I’m getting a little sappy, but bear with me.

There was a very large part of me, the part I’m trying to squish like a bug, that wanted to use a pen name. It sounds so silly, but it’s the truth. I knew this blog would be public, and I didn’t know that I wanted all of my friends and family reading it. And then I thought? Well. It’s not polite to reiterate my exact wording, but it was something along the lines of “why the hell not?”.

I’m so glad I did.

I can’t tell you the amount of positive feedback I have gotten from this blog, from friends and family. From friends and aquantinces of those in my family who have shared about my blog. From people I don’t know, who happened to stumble upon my blog.

Again, thank you, thank you, THANK YOU!

I know at this point you must be thinking “This is the end!”. It isn’t! I swear. I still plan on writing. But I do plan on re-branding my blog, and taking it in a different direction.

You see, like I said at the beginning, I have so much to talk about. So many things I love. And I want my blog to be a platform to speak about all of these things. And so, I’ll be shifting my blog to be more lifestlye related, than just strictly homesteading. To all my friends who love the homesteading posts, don’t worry! I do, too, and that’s why there will still be plently of homestead-related content.

The core of my home is that is self-producing, and that will never change, no matter what direction this blog takes.

But in order for me to grow, this change needs to happen. I need to continue to evolve, to open up, to write about all those things I love. Is it scary for me? Absolutely. I am, admittedly, not part of the “status quo”. Some of the things I will write about will be intensely personal, and some things some people won’t agree with. And you know what? That is totally okay. As long as you respect my right to think differently, I will respect yours.

First and foremost, this blog is a place of love, positivity, and acceptance. I won’t allow anything else. Right now, the world can be a really ugly place. We have a lot of things going on, going wrong. I want my blog to be a place where people can come to read what they find interesting, laugh at what they find funny, to relax and de-stress.

So I hope that you continue to stick with me through this process of change. I’m still working through all the details and technical logistics. I promise to try and post as much as possible while I’m trying to figure out how to get everything switched over. Part of the re-branding might very well include re-naming the blog–but I promise whatever name I pick, it will stay true to my original goal: to put my name on a blog I love dearly.

Keep it real, ya’ll


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