Homestead Happenings: May 2016 Goals

April 30, 2016
Homestead Happenings: May 2016 Goals

If you read my 2016 Homestead Goals post, you know I’m a HUGE believer in setting short and long-term goals.

I tend to get too excited and plan to do too many things at once, often to the end result of nothing actually getting done. I can’t help it! There’s just always so much to do (which I like!). I am also guilty of starting one project, and then halfway through, getting side-tracked by another one. Again, leaving a half-finished project that really is no help to me or the homestead.


I’ve decided to break down my yearly goals into smaller monthly goals. At the beginning of every month, I will post what my goals are for that particular month. Some of these goals require time, and so may overlap into another month. That’s okay! The whole idea is to have a detailed plan, and a set of actions, so that each goal is made.

Part of my plan of action for achieving these goals each month  is to sit at the beginning of every week (Sunday nights, most likely), review the status of each goal for the month, and then map out my week. Yay for organization and success!

Homestead Happenings: May 2016 Goals
May, 2016 Goals

+ Add more gardens
+ Build wattle fence around gardens
+ Expand chicken run
+ Utilize Vermiculture
+ Add two-three ducklings to homestead
+ Enroll in The Herbal Academy 

Add More Gardens

I’ve touched on this as part of my yearly goals, and this is the month I’m hunkering down to get it done. Ideally, I should’ve had most of this done already, as you normally start to get the gardens ready for planting as soon as the soil is workable. Alas, I had a pretty major set back when I injured my ankle. I’m still not 100%, and I have to take it easy so as to not re-injure it, but the gardens are my biggest priority this month. Gardens = food = happy urban homesteader.

Build Wattle Fencing

Oh. My. GOSH. Am I the only one who is totes magotes IN LOVE with wattle fencing?! Ugh. It’s just so gorgeous. Earthy and rustic and beautiful. Definitely a bit labor intense, but SO worth it! I have plenty of access to free wood, so this is a perfect solution to fencing in the gardens. For those of you who are not familiar with wattle fencing, here is a gorgeous example.

Expand Chicken Run

Since we’ve added six more chickens to the ‘stead, we defnitely need to give them more room to roam about and do their chicken thang. The coop itself is a great size, though I am going to switch up the layout inside to better utilize space. The run was plenty big enough with three chickens, but nine might be a little cramped, so expand I shall!

Homestead Happenings: Expand the coop for the littles!

Also, baby chickens! They’re getting SO BIG. I miss when they were little fluff balls. And actually liked me.

Utilize Vermiculture

This is something I wanted to get done over the winter, and just never got around to. I LOVE the concept, and think it’s just such a fun and interesting way to get some compost! It’s also a phenomenal way to be less wasteful, and more mindful about recycling. Here is a great article on what vermiculture is all about and how to get started, and maintain, some bins!

Purchase Ducklings

I can’t be the only one who has a fierce desire for duck eggs. I hear so many singing their praises on these delicious eggs, especially in their baking, and I simply MUST have them for myself! After doing a ton of research, I think I’ve narrowed down what breed I want: Golden 300 Hybrid from Metzer Farms. They lay well, lay LARGE eggs, and are generally calm birds. I’m thinking of only purchasing 2-3 to start, as I’ve never kept ducks before and want to ease into the process. Because I’m a total newbie with them, please feel free to leave a comment below and let me know any tips/tricks to help a first time duck keeper! I’d also love to know what breeds you all recommend!

Enroll in The Herbal Academy

I can already check this one off my list, as I enrolled in the class two days ago! I’ve been seriously considering it for about a year now, and finally decided to take the plunge. So far, I am SO happy with my decision to enroll. I’m still on the first unit, and I’ve already learned so much! If you have an interest in working with herbs, I would definitely recommend it. I enrolled in the Introductory Herbal Course, and though I would say I knew a decent bit of information about herbs to start, I definitely am glad I opted to start in the intro level. There is so much more to herbalism than simply tossing a tincture or salve together, and I firmly believe anyone recommending or using herbs should have a solid knowledge base to work with. You can find a list of the courses here, if you’re interested. Once I’ve completed the course, I plan on doing a full review of it to let everyone know how I feel after completion.


There you have it, folks! A list of my major goals for the month of May.

Can you even believe it’s already MAY?! I know! So crazy. I feel like I’ve been set back a month, not being able to really do much because of my ankle. Spring crept up out of nowhere! Everything is in bloom and beautiful. Time to get out there and do some work!

Drop a comment below and let me know what you all have going on around your own homesteads this month! I’d love to know!


Keep it real, ya’ll!


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