Real Food, Real Homesteading Challenge: Week 4

March 1, 2016

One month down, five months to go! We’ve made it through the first month of the challenge. Or, at least, I made it. If you’re still reading the weekly updates, you did, too! And a huge thank you! I think support is major for sticking towards any type of goal, and having support from my family and friends means the world to me (as readers, you qualify as friends to me!).

It’s time for some real talk for this weeks’ update. I have to admit, I’ve been a bad girl this week. I’ve indulged in A LOT of processed, no good food. Cause I’m human, people! And I make mistakes.

And sometimes the call of birthday cake and chips with dip are too hard for me to ignore. I was at a birthday party! And party, I did. In the terms of food. Is that a thing? Food partying? It is for this girl, apparently. There was a fruit platter, so I ate fruit! Even if I did dip it into that artificially flavored, delicious cream dip.

I’m being honest in hopes of bringing home the fact that life is about balance. And we’re not always going to be in a position where we can eat eggs from free range chickens, pastured meats without hormones or antibiotics, snacks that nourish the body instead of hinder it, and dips made from natural, whole ingredients. And honestly? I’m okay with that. As long as it isn’t an everyday occurrence.

Be vigilant about what you put into your body without letting it make you feel like you’re banished from doing things that make you happy. Going to my nephews birthday party and eating the food there? That made me happy. Being surrounded by my family and celebrating his life made me happy!

So no, I won’t beat myself up for eating a little processed, unhealthy food. I just won’t make it a habit. And if you’re on  a real food journey, and struggling with it, give yourself a break! Be gentle with yourself. Remember that at the end of the day, life is about living.

I don’t have any recipes or any real updates this week, just wanted to have that little heart to heart with you all. I hope everyone has a happy and productive week.

Keep it real, y’all!


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