Why I Believe in Homesteading

February 27, 2016


I believe homesteading truly is a lifestyle. It’s not something I do on the weekends, or when I get home from work, or only when I write about it online. I think homesteading is a completely new way of thinking about things, doing things. By adopting a homesteading mindset, you will start to notice that a lot of things you used to think about one way, have started to shift to another altogether. It’s sort of like a puzzle–once you start, and work at it, all these little pieces start to come together to form a bigger picture.

For me, it was my mom who planted the seed, so to speak, that grew into what is now one of my greatest loves and passions: homesteading. When we moved a few years back into the house we live in now, Mom was delighted that we had a yard well-suited to a nice, big garden. Truthfully, we’d moved around a lot since I was 17. We didn’t stay more than a year in the last two houses we lived, and we knew we wouldn’t, so she never invested the time into getting a garden put together.

That changed when we moved here. I don’t know that we really knew it would be more permanent, but something fell into place, and my mom enlisted my help in planning out and starting our garden. I remember her and my neighbor tending to beds of beautiful flowers at the house I spent most of my childhood in, and I know my dad did a small garden when I was quite young, but I’d never had much of an interest in it. Until this garden.chickensingarden

I had to admit–I was probably the worst garden help, EVER. It was brutally hot, I was miserable, and I complained way more than was warranted.  But we got it done (she did a lot of it, I will admit), and as time passed and the garden came to life, my interest was steadily peaked. Once the fresh produce started rolling in, I was smitten.

Around that time, I had stumbled onto a few different blogs that I instantly adored. The Elliott Homestead, run by Shaye, and The Prairie Homestead, run by Jill. I’ve been following these blogs for about three years now, and I have to say, they’ve been so incredibly inspirational in my own little homesteading journey. They’re down to earth, hard working women who tend their homes, families, and farm with grace and ingenuity. And I’m thankful they decided to start blogs so that I could follow along and learn from them. Since then, I’ve come across tons of other blogs that I love, that teach me so much, and are run by people who inspire me endlessly.

Between being introduced to the homesteading blogging world, and starting that first garden, a lot has changed for me. The way that I think about life, my diet, so many things has changed drastically. I was hooked on the homesteading lifestyle. Still am! And I wouldn’t change a thing.

Living a homesteading lifestyle isn’t easy. Simple? In theory. But, as anyone who has ever grown their own food, raised their own meat, made their meals from scratch, tended their families, pets, livestock and homes using a natural approach knows, this life is HARD. When you take serious control of your life, make an effort to stop being so reliant on our food system, health care system, whatever system you’re moving away from, it requires a lot of work. Hard work, long days. Sometimes, not a lot of reward. But the piece of mind I get from knowing there are so many things I can do for myself now, so many skills I’ve acquired, that I’m less dependent on the grocery store, the doctors office*, etc, I feel a sense of pride, confidence and accomplishment. I feel a sense of fulfillment. Something, I’ll admit, I was seriously lacking before.


Is this life for everyone? Nope. Not at all. But you know what? That’s totally okay. Everyone being different and investing in their own lifestyles is what makes this life so interesting. We all do something that benefits the other in some way, and I think that’s a pretty cool system.

So, that’s my story. It’s not long or dazzling, but it’s why I have such a huge, lingering love and respect for this urban farming, self-sufficiency seeking lifestyle. It’s why I started this blog, to share my experiences and lessons from my own tiny urban farm. I hope that I can inspire you, even just a little, like I was inspired. Maybe you’ll catch the homesteading fever 😉

Keep it real, ya’ll!


*I am not a doctor! I 100% believe in consulting a healthcare professional when needed, and believe you should always do what is best for you and yours, regardless of what I or anyone else do/say!*

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